Copyright Carlo W Savo 2018

After a long day of dragging fifty pounds of photography equipment through Central Park and shooting in freezing cold temperatures the client turned to me and asked, "So is this fun for you or just a lot of work?" Without pausing to think I answered, "Nope, I love photography." From the feel of the camera and setting up the shot to post-processing and clicking send on the final project, I love the entire process of photography. In my professional life, there is nothing I would rather do.

I am a native of Northeast PA and have been a member of the business community here my entire adult life. During my time in business, I've had a wide-ranging and varied career. I have traded in antiques, belonged to the fine arts community as a landscape painter, I have been a local television personality, hosted a radio show, and was the costar of a documentary series for the National Geographic Channel. My eclectic life as an artist and businessman has taught me that with a little imagination and hard work anything is possible.