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In the beginning, I was compelled by discovery. I was empty. So I copied. I learned line and shape, light and shadow. Color was difficult, but I persisted. 

Later, filled with knowledge, I delved into “ISMs”. Where ever I found praise I twisted my work to fit the shape of expectations. Experience has corrected that error. 

Now, there are the things that I see and the things that I have seen that for some reason or another possess me. They arrive as fully formed visions that plant themselves firmly in my mind. They linger indefinitely, piling up, building pressure until I extract them with pencil and paint. 




Carlo was born and raised In Northeast Pennsylvania a few miles outside of Scranton PA. He began drawing at a young age copying comic book covers and popular cartoon characters of the era. As a teenager, he taught himself painting and traditional figure drawing. Though he received some guidance from various individuals who encouraged him in his artistic pursuits, Carlo has never had a formal art education.  At the age of 18, he became an apprentice auctioneer and entered the world of antiques and fine art. During his sixteen years as an auctioneer, he gained firsthand knowledge of the art world and collecting. In 2016 he left the world of antiques to pursue new opportunities and further explore his artistic vision. 

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