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The purpose of my work is to initiate a dialogue between myself and the viewer about a universal human condition: where we are shapes who we are. I was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, and in my forty-something years of living here, I have come to realize that a large part of who I am has been molded by where I am from. While no place is without its faults, I have come to appreciate the place I call home for its unique culture, landscape, and people. Through art, I hope to speak directly to my fellow inhabitants in this place we call NEPA.

For me, the most direct approach to achieving this involves loosely interpreting moments from my life into relatable scenarios for others. By painting the specifics of my life in a broader context, I can pull on the common threads of our collective cultural journey. My work is an attempt to highlight these shared elements by intentionally triggering the emotions associated with them—an invitation to nostalgia, prompting a recollection of the people, places, and events that have shaped us. If I can convey a piece of my life in a way that conjures the emotions, experiences, and memories of the viewer’s life, then I've achieved my objective. I have initiated a conversation about who we are and the paths we've traversed.

The process of creating each work starts in my mind. For better or worse, the events of my life play on an endless loop like a movie perpetually repeating in my head. I need only wait until some external stimulus pauses the movie on a specific scene. Once this happens, the image stays with me until I create a painting. I do not use any reference material when working. I rely solely on what I can remember. I do not paint facts. I paint what feels right. Removing the need for exactitude allows me the freedom to be expressive. I play with color, shape, and perspective to inform the viewer how I feel about a particular person, place, or event. Each piece is not a representation of a memory but of the emotions associated with that memory.




Carlo was born and raised In Northeast Pennsylvania a few miles outside of Scranton PA. He began drawing at a young age copying comic book covers and popular cartoon characters of the era. As a teenager, he taught himself painting and traditional figure drawing. Though he received some guidance from various individuals who encouraged him in his artistic pursuits, Carlo has never had a formal art education.  At the age of 18, he became an apprentice auctioneer and entered the world of antiques and fine art. During his sixteen years as an auctioneer, he gained firsthand knowledge of the art world and collecting. In 2016 he left his career in antiques to pursue new opportunities and further explore his artistic vision. 

Marquis Art, Scranton, PA Color and Abstraction I - August 2022
Marquis Art, Wilkes-Barre, PA Color and Abstraction II - May 2023
Gamut Gallery, Stroudsburg, PA Group Show - June 2023
Art Efekts, Pittston, PA Solo Exhibition - November 2023 
“Celebrating the Arts” Juried Regional Art and Fine Craft Exhibit, Milford PA -  April 2024

The 2024 Environmental Art Show: Creating Connections Weinberg Memorial Library Scranton, PA - April 2024
Urban Co-Works, Scranton, PA Vivid Impressions - March - April 2024
CURRENT EXHIBITION:  Unveiling at Colarusso's Coal Fired Pizza June 3 

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The Valley
This series is a celebration of the landscape of Northeast, Pennsylvania. While the paintings are not meant to be 1:1 representations of any particular area, they are meant to evoke the distinct beauty of the place I call home

The paintings in this series are all inspired by my childhood in Mayfield, Pennsylvania. Each work is a reflection on the people, places, and things that created some of my core memories. 

Still life

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